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Maths Challenges

Year 1 Maths

Over the summer holidays, we have collected together some resources and challenges to help keep you busy and get you ready for Year 2.


Place Value

  • Work Book 1
  • Work Book 4
  • Work Book 6


Addition and Subtraction


Multiplication and Division

  • The NCETM has produced a range of learning videos for developing multiplication skills.


  • Work Book 3


Length and Height

  • Work Book 7


Mass and Capacity

  • Work Book 8


Problem Solving Challenges!

We have also selected 10 problem solving challenges from the NRICH website.

  • Challenge 1: Three Buckets
  • Challenge 2: Wildflower Hunting
  • Challenge 3: Target Practise
  • Challenge 4: Longer and Shorter Rods
  • Challenge 5: Tug of War
  • Challenge 6: Making Sticks
  • Challenge 7: What could it Be
  • Challenge 8: Half Time Scores
  • Challenge 9: Lots of Lollies
  • Challenge 10: Fill the Box


If you manage to complete any of these challenges and would like to share them with us, send your pictures or work in to the Summer Challenge email address: