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Summer Fun Challenges


Year 5 Summer Fun

To keep you busy over the Summer Holidays, we have set you these challenges.


  • Challenge 1: Make a musical instrument.


  • Challenge 2: Create art with nature.


  • Challenge 3: Learn about another country.


  • Challenge 4: Invent a game.


  • Challenge 5: Make pancakes.


  • Challenge 6: Learn the names of the types of birds that visit your garden.  


  • Challenge 7: Bake a cake.


  • Challenge 8: Write a poem.


  • Challenge 9: Learn the names of the insects that live under the stones in your garden.  


  • Challenge 10: Take photos of the different plants and animals that you can find.


  • Challenge 11: Make a sun dial.  


  • Challenge 12: Create a dark space and play ‘flashlight tag.’


  • Challenge 13: Have a water fight.


  • Challenge 14: Make a memory box/time capsule to put away to open when you are older.


  • Challenge 15: Learn how to play some card games.


  • Challenge 16: Make a collage of all your favourite places.


  • Challenge 17: Do mindfulness colouring sheets.


  • Challenge 18: Make homemade pizzas and try lots of different toppings.


  • Challenge 19: Go to the seaside and build a castle with a moat.


  • Challenge 20: Learn how to sew or knit.  


If you manage to complete any of these challenges and would like to share them with us, send your pictures or work in to the Summer Challenge email address: