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Summer Fun

Year 6 Summer Fun

To keep you busy over the Summer Holidays, we have set you these challenges.


  • Challenge 1: Toast marshmallows on a campfire.


  • Challenge 2: Camp out in your back garden.  


  • Challenge 3: Create your own board game.


  • Challenge 4: Make breakfast for your family.


  • Challenge 5: Make a bird house.


  • Challenge 6: Watch the clouds and find shapes.


  • Challenge 7: Write a diary.


  • Challenge 8: Climb a tree.


  • Challenge 9: Plan a weekly shop for your family.


  • Challenge 10: Organise a movie night.


  • Challenge 11: Make a daisy chain.


  • Challenge 12: Find a pen-pal and write them a letter.


  • Challenge 13: Have a skipping contest.  


  • Challenge 14: Learn how to cook a meal for your family.


  • Challenge 15: Sort out your old clothes and toys and donate them to someone who needs them.


  • Challenge 16: Write a letter to yourself in 20 years time.


  • Challenge 17: Learn a new skill like hula hooping or juggling.


  • Challenge 18: Go to the beach and paddle in the water.


  • Challenge 19: Learn how to use face paint to decorate someone else’s face.


  • Challenge 20: Make tie-dye clothes.


If you manage to complete any of these challenges and would like to share them with us, send your pictures or work in to the Summer Challenge email address: