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1g. Week Seven Monday 18th May

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Oak Class

Week Beginning: Monday 18th May


Hello there, Oak Class!

This week is science week so I have set maths and English for the mornings and in the afternoon, you can choose one of the science activities to complete.

If you have any problems, my email address is:

Sending lots of love to you all!

Miss Mercer



  • English: Today you have a short spag test to do. If you want to time yourself, see if you can do it in 20 minutes.


  • Maths: Watch the video at:  then complete your own line graph. There are three levels to choose from and an extension video to get some extra practise.
  • English: Class book: Wonder – read Padowan, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Jack Will, Mr Browne’s October Precept and Apples. Then write five comprehension questions and answers. You can do a question for each chapter or concentrate on one or two chapters only. It’s up to you.


  • Maths:  Some statistics problem solving today. Watch the video at: then have a go at answering the questions – there are three levels to choose from. There is also an extension question which asks you to design some problems of your own. You may either ask someone at home to solve them or send them to me and I’ll have a go J
  • English: Class book: Wonder - read Halloween, School Pictures, The Cheese Touch, Costumes and The Bleeding Scream. Then answer the questions on School Pictures and The Bleeding Scream from the workbook.


  • Maths:  We’re back for a bit more work on circles today. Go through the PowerPoint, then complete the fluency and reasoning worksheets you feel suits you best. We have done a lot on this so aim high! There is also an interactive game you can play at:
  • English: Today we are revising figurative language. There are five activities. Complete at the first three then, if you are feeling more confident, try four and five. Sorry about the slightly blurred text on the sheets!


  • Maths: Today you have some reasoning questions to solve. Work your way through as many of them as you can. Use the video link if you need step by step guidance to solving them. It is summer week 2, lesson 4.

For those who would like more of a challenge, there is a higher level sheet. The first question is straightforward but the others require a bit of deeper thinking - there is nothing in them that we have not covered in class though :-)

English: Another music video and today’s is DNAUXB. Watch the video at . Next, answer the story starter questions, then complete the story using inspiration from the video. Aim to write at least one A4 page. Send them to me so I can see how your writing is coming along. Don’t forget punctuation! There are reminders below