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Sport, Health and Exercise

 Each Child is Uniquely Created and Loved by God

Our aim at St Barnabas’ School is that all children aspire to master a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding relating to Sport, Exercise and Health.

Teaching and learning will focus on the application of fine and gross motor skills and the development of an understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Key concepts such as spatial awareness, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, tactical awareness, health, hygiene and the importance of building positive relationships will be developed as children move up the school.

Problem solving activities are integrated into all areas of the Sport, Exercise and Health Curriculum and pupils will be actively taught to manage and control risk.

All St Barnabas’ pupils will take part in competitive physical activity, either at intra-class, inter-house or inter-school level.

The Sport, Health and Exercise curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to perform fluently and aesthetically and affords pupils with the opportunity to lead and act with agency.

Individual and team accomplishments are recognised and celebrated in order to help promote a positive sense of self, based on personal and collective achievement.

As part of the Sport, Exercise and Health Curriculum, pupils are taught about the importance of diet, exercise and lifestyle in relation to mental and physical wellbeing.

Pupils are encouraged and supported to make positive choices which reflect this understanding.