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2f. Week Fourteen Monday 13th July

Home Learning Plans

Maple Class


Week Beginning: Monday 13th July

Maple Class now have a blog, which you can find on the schools website. I would love to see any work that you are proud of please email it to  I am also really happy to answer any questions or give any advice I can.

Reading: Mr Mackinnon will read ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ chapters 9 and 10. This week there are no questions because we are near the end of term. That also means that Mr Mackinnon won’t be able to read any more chapters. But, you still can. Read the rest of your book at home. You could read it on your own. You could read it with your grown-ups. You could read it to your dog. You could listen to someone else read it. If you haven’t picked up your copy from school yet there is still time. I hope you enjoy finishing it over the summer

 Remember to take part in the Silly Squad reading challenge

Ebooks are still available at the Oxford Owls webpage  login through the ‘My Class Login’ button.

Username: st barnabas maple (make sure you leave spaces)
Password: Books

The website ‘Engage Literacy’ from Raintree is offering free access until July.

  • :  UKfreeaccess
  • :   engage


The website MyOn is still offering free access to its online e-books during the lockdown.


  • This week I have given you 2 crosswords. The first has clue letters in it but the second does not. All the answers are words we have been learning this year.


  • This week I would like you to work through the Talk For Writing booklet, ‘Unicorns Uncovered’
  • Talk for writing is intended to be done as a conversation between an adult and a child, with some of the activities being completed independently.
  • Read through the booklet and choose the activities you would like to complete


Maths:  I have missed going swimming and I know that some of you have too. It was just announced that swimming pools will open soon. So, I have found a maths puzzle about someone stealing towels from swimming pools. Can you solve the mystery?

Wider Curriculum

  • Pick activities of your choice from the Wider Curriculum Matrix. This is the final Wider Curriculum Matrix of the school year. If you are looking for extra activities over the summer holidays, why not revisit some of the previous Home Learning Matrixes and pick out activities that you missed. Alternatively, you can check out the Summer Challenge activities that will be posted onto the school website from July 22nd.