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School Uniform

Pupils at St Barnabas’ take a pride in wearing a school uniform that promotes a sense of belonging to the school family.

Winter Uniform for Girls Winter Uniform for Boys
White Polo Shirt  White Polo Shirt 
Grey Skirt, Grey Pinafore  Grey Trousers (tailored) 
School Sweatshirt or Cardigan (with school logo) School Sweatshirt (with school logo)
Black Trousers (optional) Grey Socks
White Socks of Black or Grey Tights Black school shoes (not trainers) 
Black school shoes (not trainers)  Optional School Fleece
School Fleece (optional)  
Summer Uniform for Girls Summer Uniform for Boys
Royal Blue Checked Dress or White Polo Shirt 
Grey Culottes (tailored)  Grey Shorts (tailored)
White Polo Shirt   
White Socks   
Sun hat or baseball cap  
P.E. -Girls P.E. - Boys  
Black or navy shorts Black or navy shorts
School PE Shirt (in house colour with school logo)  School PE Shirt (in house colour with school logo) 
Black plimsolls Black plimsolls
Trainers for field work  Trainers for field work 
Black or navy jogging trousers (Winter) Black or navy jogging trousers (Winter) 

School Sweatshirts and cardigans, school PE tops and book bags (all with the school logo) must be ordered from our uniform supplier, Mapac.  You can order online via the Mapac website or by phone on 01923 255525. 

All children are requried to wear sweatshirts, cardigans and PE tops featuring the school logo.  All other uniform can be obtained from our uniform supplier as well as from local shops and supermarkets.

PE tops are in house colours:  Saints - green, Kingdom - blue, Angels - red, Disciples - yellow.  Please ask your child or at the school office if you are unsure which house your child is in.

Please ensure that all items of clothing and your child’s belongings are clearly marked. Every effort will be made to return lost property to the right owner. Uncollected items will be taken into the school stock of spare clothing or may be donated to a local charity.  The lost property bin is at the entrance to the hall.

Jewellery must not be worn in school.  If children have pierced ears they should only wear plain stud earrings, which must be removed for P.E. lessons for the child’s own safety.  If your child is unable to remove their studs, please make sure they do not wear them to school on P.E. days.  

Children wearing watches do so at their own risk, during P.E. lessons they must be removed.