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Religion and Values

Each Child is Uniquely Created and Loved by God

Our aim at St Barnabas’ School is that all children aspire to master a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding relating to Religion and Values.

Through the Understanding Christianity Curriculum, pupils will learn about and view Christianity as a living world faith.

Teaching and learning will focus on the the exploration of core theological concepts using an approach that critically engages with key religious and secular texts.

The Religion and Values Curriculum aims to help pupils consider the impact that Christianity has on Britain’s cultural heritage and the lives of people worldwide.

The Religion and Values Curriculum will enable all pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of other major world religions and world views and will allow them to assess their impact on society and culture.

Through the teaching of Religion and Values we strive to give all pupils a safe space to critically reflect upon and share ideas relating to the religious, spiritual and philosophical convictions of themselves and others.

By exploring the role that Religion and Values plays in our everyday lives, pupils can learn to enhance the relationships that they share with those in their community and develop a positive sense of self.

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