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Summer Fun Challenges

Year 2 Summer Fun

To keep you busy over the Summer Holidays, we have set you these challenges.


  • Challenge 1: Try to read 5 different books by the same author. e.g. Julia Donaldson.


  • Challenge 2: Bake a cake.


  • Challenge 3: Dance with members of your family.


  • Challenge 4: Paint with your feet.


  • Challenge 5: Play hop-scotch.


  • Challenge 6: Design a boat and see if you can make it float.


  • Challenge 7: Use chalk to make a picture outdoors.  


  • Challenge 8: Make your on water wall using old plastic tubs and bottles attached to a fence.


  • Challenge 9: Go to the seaside and build a sand castle.


  • Challenge 10: Play ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’.


  • Challenge 11: Use masking tape to make a town for your toy cars to drive around.


  • Challenge 12: Have a paper aeroplane competition.


  • Challenge 13: Play a board game.  


  • Challenge 14: Get an adult to put objects in a bag and use only your sense of touch to work out what it is.


  • Challenge 15: Use a torch or lamp to draw your silhouette.  


  • Challenge 16: Decorate cupcakes.


  • Challenge 17: Measure how much rain falls every day for a week then draw a graph.  


  • Challenge 18: Draw around yourself and other people to make life size drawings.


  • Challenge 19: Make a book which has a pop-up part inside.


  • Challenge 20: Use your toys to print with in paint. e.g. dinosaur feet.


If you manage to complete any of these challenges and would like to share them with us, send your pictures or work in to the Summer Challenge email address: