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Pupil Premium 2016- 2017

Number of children: 48

At St Barnabas CE (VA) Primary School, we believe that the most successful route to academic excellence is through high quality small group, focused teaching. To this end, we use a portion of our PPG funding on employing additional teachers in order to provide small teaching groups for maths and English. Whilst working within a smaller group, under the guidance of a qualified teacher, children’s specific needs can be successfully met, enabling any gaps to be closed and full potential to be reached.

Additionally, PPG funding is used to remove any ‘barriers to learning’ which may exist. Amongst other things, these may include low self-esteem, gaps in learning or a lack of confidence.   Pupils should feel unique, valued and special; they should experience trips and be part of a wide range of extra-curricular clubs.  We know that happy children learn.  PPG money is used to ensure all pupils are happy; all pupils are ready to learn. 

Strategy review: September 2017