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If you were unable to attend please speak to one of the Acorn team about taking home your child's reading book. Here is a link to the recording -

Here are some links to other videos that were mentioned during the talk:



Please regularly share books with your child at home everyday. Talk about what is happening in the story, discuss the pictures, predict what might happen next etc.... 

Sharing reading at home will help your child develop a 'love of reading', looking and sharing books with an adult is the first step to being able to read.



Phonics teaches children to be able to listen carefully and identify phonemes (a unit of sound)  that make up each word. This helps the children to learn to read and spell words. 

For more information... visit  or click here

On the tabs to the right, there are suggestions of phonics games to play at home with your child. In class, we are currently working on Phase 2. You can still play the Phase 1 games as they will help you child to develop their listening skills. 

Phonics Play is a great website to play games on!

Please find the correct pronunciation of sounds here -


Here are some activities you might like to try at home.....