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People who can help

Early Help 

Early Help and Preventative Services' (EHPS) in Kent aims to target early help services for the most vulnerable children, young people and families with a focus on delivering better outcomes.
Children, young people and families should be able to access the right services at the right time in the right place. We aim to place them at the heart of everything we do, working in a more integrated way and avoiding, where possible, lack of coordination or wasteful duplication.
EHPS offer a wide range of support services to children, young people and families across different levels of need.’

School Health Team 

School Health support children and young people aged four to nineteen, including those who do not attend school. A healthy childhood and adolescence is one of the key foundations for a healthy life. The School Health team works with schools, parents and carers as well as other professionals like health visitors or community paediatricians to prevent ill health in children, families and the wider community, support safeguarding of children and young people and address any health needs to make sure every child reaches their potential.
During the latest restrictions School Health can offer Emotional Wellbeing Support, including strategies for low level support for children finding it difficult to understand and manage their feelings. They can provide strategies to support emotional health and build resilience - up to 6 virtual sessions over 12 weeks to improve wellbeing

Children and Young People's Counselling Service 

Children & Young People’s Counselling Service can offer up to 6 counselling sessions to support a child. For primary age pupils, parents may receive advice on practical ways to use strategies to support their child. They have extended their service to include bereavement as a result of Coronavirus.
Parents / Schools can make an online referral – or call 0800 011 3474 to assess if a referral is needed