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Our Values and Vision

Our Vision

We believe:

Each child is uniquely created and loved by God.

  • It is a privilege to nurture and develop our children.
  • An outstanding education enables children to reach their full potential.
  • Children are the future of our community.
  • Christian faith informs behaviour and moulds character of our adults and children.

Each child is uniquely created and loved by God.

Our Ethos and Values

St Barnabas’ Church of England Primary School is committed to educational excellence and to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all its pupils.

The School recognises and affirms its Church of England foundation and greatly values its special, historic and continuing link with the parish church of St Barnabas’ Church.

“There is an extremely positive relationship with the parish church and priest, who cares passionately about the school.  Parents and pupils speak highly of his involvement and ambition to improve the school.”

SIAMS inspection June 2015

The content of our worship is based on teaching children about the Christian faith and values as revealed in the Bible. Kindness and tolerance towards others are encouraged and healthy self-esteem, discipline and initiative are also fostered. There are opportunities to learn, sing and pray together as well as time for quiet contemplation.

Class Mass, celebrations of the main Christian festivals and special services to mark the end of the school year all contribute to our community life. The school worships every day.

“Collective worship is valued highly by the whole community. Adults and children are actively engaged and a sense of enjoyment is apparent”

SIAMS inspection June 2015

We recognise that our children, parents and staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds with differing views on faith and commitment and our worship is sensitive to this issue. The context of our worship is Christian because we are a Church of England School. However, assemblies are organised so that everyone can participate in a way that makes sense to them.

The rights of parents to withdraw their children from acts of worship and religious education are respected.

“The partnership with the church benefits both the school and the church.  It has led to a unified desire to serve the local community. 

SIAMS inspection June 2015

Our Values

At St Barnabas our School values are Aspiration, Love, Trust, Perseverance, Compassion and Reconciliation.  These can be seen throughout the school through:

  • How we treat each other
  • How we strive to do our best in all that we do and achieve our potential
  • Valuing the importance of believing in ourselves
  • Having the opportunity to make mistakes and to learn from them
  • Through fostering sense of belonging to the school and the community

“Christian values shape decision making, for example, by using the value of compassion when considering whether to authorise absence.  Pupils are able to make connections between their behaviour and the school’s Christian values.  They talk confidently about relationships being restored through reconciliation and love. …  Parents remark that their children reflect on the school’s values at home.  This leads to strong spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development, and to respect for the views of those who have different beliefs from themselves. The strong values result in a school which is happy and welcoming.

SIAMS inspection June 2015