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Oak Class

If your child (or the class bubble) needs to self isolate, Miss Mercer will be in contact with home learning when it is necessary.


Teaching Team: Miss Mercer and  Miss Stephens 

Dear Parent/Carer,

Oak Class – Summer Term 2022


Hello all and welcome to the final term in Oak Class and primary school!

I hope everyone has had a great Easter break and is ready for the hard work – and fun – of the summer term. SATs week will run from Monday 9th to Thursday 12th May; this will test their attainment in maths, reading and spelling, punctuation and grammar. Their writing will be moderated separately at the beginning of June. More details on the KS2 assessments will be provided in a separate letter. Obviously, we appreciate that some absences cannot be avoided but it is important for your child to be in school a much as possible in the run-up to the assessments as we will be covering a lot of material each day and revisiting any areas the class seem to have found particularly difficult.

Our main topics this term will be the year six production (see below) and our Young Enterprise Challenge. Young Enterprise is always something the class enjoy hugely. They are each given the opportunity to obtain a £5 investment loan in order to start up a small business; they can pool their money by working in groups. We have had many different businesses over the years: milkshakes, cakes, ice cream, homemade lemonade, stationary, slime, art and much more. After coming up with a business plan, that includes market research, costing and profit projections, the children must successfully pitch their ideas to our business manager in order to secure their loans. They will then have a few weeks to get their businesses up and running before selling their goods. Once all loans have been paid back, the profits are split; half goes towards costumes and props needed for the end of term production and the other half is used to finance a treat for the whole class. The team that makes the biggest profit gets to choose the treat. Previously, we have ordered in pizza for the whole class or taken everyone to Creams in Tunbridge Wells.


This term, our class book will be Wonder by RJ Palacio. Alongside this, we will be looking at extracts from Jaws by Peter Benchley, to help us with our dual narrative pieces, and The Viewer by Shaun Tan and Gary Crew.

Our spelling, punctuation and grammar work will focus on building cohesion across our writing using devices such as conjunctions, adverbials and pronouns. We will also be consolidating our leaning across year 6.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be choosing our end of year six production. Auditions for roles will take place the week after SATs (everyone will have the opportunity to play a part) and the children will be rehearsing in time for performances near the end of term. Although some children can be apprehensive about this and feel nervous about performing, the feeling of accomplishment they get is wonderful and it is always a huge delight to see their proud faces after a performance.


This term we will begin by covering the final two units of the KS2 curriculum: statistics, which looks at line graphs, pie charts and analysing data, and properties of shape, which includes some more work on angles. We will also revise common problem areas such as fractions and percentages.

Once the SATs have finished, we will continue with maths input through maths investigations which will give the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real life situations and see how maths is a key part of life. They will also be using their skills in the Young Enterprise challenges as they will be required to carefully budget their spending to maximise profit.


For the first half term, we will be studying Buddhism. They will begin by learning about the life of Buddha, before moving onto Buddhist teachings such as the eightfold path and the five precepts. We will also look at some traditional Buddhist stories from the Jataka Tales and make comparisons between Buddhism and other religions we have studied.

For the second term, our topic is Christianity with a focus on the concept of the ‘Kingdom of God’. We will study Bible texts and consider how Christian teachings relate to our own lives and the problems we may face.


The children will be covering two small topics this term. The first will look at trade, exploring the UK’s different imports and exports, and asking the question: is all trade fair?

We will also be learning how to read maps using eight points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references and symbols and keys.



This term’s topic is electricity.

We will begin by exploring the discovery of electricity and consider how it has changed the way we live. We will then recap our knowledge of circuits and learn how to draw them accurately using electrical symbols. Finally, we will investigate different things that may have an impact of variables such as the volume of a buzzer or the brightness of a bulb.


Our topic this term is variables in games. The children will use and build upon their coding knowledge to improve pre-created projects and create their own game.


NEW DAY! PE will now take place on Monday afternoons. Please remind your child that they need to bring their PE kits to school on that day.


Home Learning

There will be a spelling test each week – children will be given a list of words to learn.

Regular reading has a positive impact on a child’s comprehension and writing skills. For this reason, we are asking students to read for a minimum of 25 minutes a day. They can comment on what they have read in their reading journal which will be checked weekly. The children are responsible for changing their own books if they are reading from the selection of class books.

Homework will be handed out on a Monday and will be due in by the following Monday at the latest. The homework they receive this term will vary; in place of the usual maths and English work, the children may sometimes receive work on financial education, Young Enterprise and drama too.

Thank you to everyone who has put their order in for yearbooks and/or sweatshirts. If you have yet to do this, please do as soon as possible so we can ensure they arrive on time for the children to wear them in school. We would hate anyone to miss out on this due to financial issues so please do contact myself or Mrs Duncombe if there are any issues.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to catch me after school. Do also email me at anytime, if you have any questions or concerns, or even if you just want to say hi.

Best wishes

Miss Mercer