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Module 1

Apple’s Friends Module 1 (Feelings) notes for parents

For the first 4-week module of Apple’s Friends we will be covering the following topics (see below) they will all stem from the telling of a story about a group of friends and the things they encounter. We will then explore the topics in more depth using the children’s own experiences and feelings.

Session 1
I will talk to the children about the course, then we will have a discussion about the rules for the group (copy attached) and ask them if they want to add any others or remove any; the only one they can’t remove is the one about not having to speak if you don’t want to. Finally, they will pair up randomly to talk to each other about themselves, their families, things they like to do etc.

Session 2
We will be exploring the different words we use to describe how we feel and whether they are good or difficult feelings. Then in pairs they will describe to their partner how they feel that day and, if they know, why they might feel like that - this comes with the proviso that they want to share that information. Afterwards, those that are happy to can share how they feel and we will explore how we can make ourselves feel better if we are not enjoying how we currently feel.

Session 3
Following on from the last session we will explore in more depth how we can make ourselves feel better when we are having difficult feelings such as anger, jealousy, sadness etc. We will come up with lots of ideas of things to try when we feel like this but there will be one golden rule to all possible solutions.


After looking at what we can do to make ourselves feel better, including who might help us to feel better - family, friends, teachers etc – we will then look at how we can make others feel better when we see they are having a difficult time.

Session 4
I will read another part of the story where some of the characters will find that they are having to stay at home and help instead of playing with their friends and the different feelings this evokes in the children. The story will be incomplete and it will be up to the class in pairs to decide how the characters deal with their feelings, how they made themselves feel better and how the story ends. The session will finish with a reflection on the things we have learnt in these four sessions.