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Each Child is Uniquely Created and Loved by God

Our Maths Intent

Our aim at St Barnabas’ School is that all children aspire to master a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding relating to Mathematics.

Teaching and learning will focus on ensuring that children are able to recognise the importance of mathematics in the wider world.

will be challenged to use their mathematical skills, knowledge and understanding confidently in a range of different contexts, for example being financially aware and demonstrating entrepreneurship.

We believe that all pupils should experience success, develop a sense of curiosity and make connections in their learning to deepen their understanding.

As they progress through the school, we intend to develop pupils’ appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics.

We will encourage pupils to take risks with their learning in order to deepen their understanding and develop a positive sense of self.

Where appropriate, testing and competition will be utilised to help motivate and engage pupils. Lessons will involve a balance between developing pupils’ fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Pupils will make use of manipulatives, working walls, the outdoor environment and each other in order to develop their mathematical understanding.

We aim for pupils to develop a ‘mastery’ of mathematics by describing, representing, explaining and creating their own examples of a concept, idea or technique