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Home Learning


If your child is self-isolating, please see this week's home learning activities below...


This week we are learning the sounds h b f l. Watch the following videos to see each sound being introduced...

 Can you think of any words that start with the sound h b f l or find some objects around the house? Have a go at reading these words...

hat    fan   bin    bed   hit   bat    fin   leg    lip   lid


This week we have learnt the tricky word no, it is a word we have to 'take a picture of' and just know. Can you find the word no in these sentences:

No running in the classroom.

No cars on this road.

Can you think of your own sentences with the word no in?

There are more activities below.


We are learning about 0 this week, please watch the following videos, there are activities below:

We have also been looking at comparing numbers 0 to 5, please watch the following video, there are activities below:

Please upload any activities that you complete to Tapestry or email