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English and Communication


Each Child is Uniquely Created and Loved by God

Our aim at St Barnabas’ School is that all children aspire to master a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding relating to English and Communication.

In this curriculum area, we will challenge children to use English and Communication to address local, national and global issues as well as providing pupils with the opportunity for free speech and the expression of opinion.

Through the development of English and Communication skills, we aim to provide pupils with the skills required to interact with others and build effective relationships.

This curriculum area will utilse the power of presentation and performance in order to support pupils to express themselves with confidence and clarity.

We will ensure that all children experience a variety of environments that stimulate creativity and broaden life experience.

Pupils will be encouraged to appreciate the power and beauty of the spoken and written word as well as to ask questions and think critically.

We aim to ensure that all children understand and can use the language of problem solving and are able to organise and sequence information.

Furthermore, pupils will be inspired to develop their English and Communication skills further through the effective use of competition and performance.

As part of the English and Communication curriculum, pupils will access a rich variety of reading materials aimed to promote purposeful and enjoyable reading experiences.

Through the mastery of English and Communication, we aim to enable children to become autonomous, confident and passionate learners.