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Summer Fun


Acorn Summer Fun

To keep you busy over the Summer Holidays, we have set you these challenges.


  • Challenge 1: Discover mini-beasts on a bug hunt.


  • Challenge 2: Plant and grow seeds.


  • Challenge 3: Make a mud pie.


  • Challenge 4: Take a trip to the seaside and dip your feet in the water.


  • Challenge 5: Make a sofa fort.


  • Challenge 6: Build a den outside.


  • Challenge 7: Put your feet into squelchy mud.


  • Challenge 8: Play hide and seek.


  • Challenge 9: Make homemade playdough.


  • Challenge 10: Make paintings using your hand and footprints.


  • Challenge 11: Use containers you find in your house to have a water fight in the garden.


  • Challenge 12: Make your own bubble wand and blow bubbles.


  • Challenge 13: Use flowers, twigs and other things from nature to make pictures.


  • Challenge 14: Play ‘I Spy’.


  • Challenge 15: Pretend to be an animal and get others to guess which one you are.


  • Challenge 16: Turn a cardboard box into a rocket ship or a race car.


  • Challenge 17: Dress up.


  • Challenge 18: Have a teddy bear’s picnic.


  • Challenge 19: Dip things from around your house in paint and use them to print with.


  • Challenge 20: Climb a hill and roll down it. 


If you manage to complete any of these challenges and would like to share them with us, send your pictures or work in to the Summer Challenge email address: