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Design and the Arts

Each Child is Uniquely Created and Loved by God

Our aim at St Barnabas’ School is that all children aspire to master a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding relating to Design and the Arts.

Teaching and learning will focus on challenging pupils to engage with their surroundings and providing them with a platform to express their own ideas and concepts with creativity and utility.

Singing is integrated into daily life at St Barnabas and all children will be provided with the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Pupils will be encouraged to appreciate design and aesthetics whilst having the opportunity to create things that are useful, beautiful and imaginative.

Pupils will be challenged to manage risk, solve problems and demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate their own work as well as the work of others.

Pupils will work with a range of different resources and materials and will be afforded the opportunity to make decisions about which materials/resources they think most appropriate.

As part of the Design and The Arts Curriculum, pupils will have the opportunity to perform and/or present their work and will learn to understand and appreciate the value of receiving critical analysis from others.

Such interaction will support pupils to develop a positive sense of self and to build effective relationships with those around them