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2e. Week Thirteen Monday 6th July


Home Learning Plans

Chestnut Class


Week Beginning 6th July

Dear Chestnut parents/carers and children,

Your core learning for the week is set out in this letter. 

Reading: You now have your own copy of The Outlaw Varjak Paw, so please read chapters 3 and 4 in order to answer the questions I have set.  Remember that in class we always read a chapter several times before we tackle the questions.


Don’t forget to sign up for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.  It started on Friday 5 June and runs throughout the summer holidays, finishing at the end of September. It is aimed at children aged 4 – 11 and is completely free! The challenge features games, quizzes and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in reading related activities at home. Children can choose their own reading goals, create book reviews, play games and collect virtual rewards. Parents and guardians can register their children online at

Please also make sure you are carrying out additional reading each day.  You could use the grid below to explain what you are reading to an adult.  Challenge yourself to ask questions based on each area of the chart.  For example, you could ask a ‘when?’ question from the left side, or combine it with a ‘will’ question from the top section to create a ‘when will? ‘ question.

Oxford Owls  This website provides access to free reading material.  You will need to use the log on: chestnut101 and the password: pupil


You have a  grammar activity on consolidating speech.

You have a spelling quiz on Purple Mash and a ‘look, say, cover, write’ sheet to practise with.

Writing Again, this is linked to your reading text - The Outlaw Varjak Paw.  Revisit the section that runs from the bottom of p41 over to p42.   You are introduced to a mountain range in Mesopotamia.  You task this week is to extend that quite limited information into a scene description.  I would like you to describe in detail what Varkaj could be seeing and feeling  on that lowest peak of the mountain range.  I have included an example of a setting description which covers all the senses.  I have also made a list of different ways to describe cold.  You will need to include interesting verbs, adverbs and adjectives, as well as some similes (remember they compare something to something else - as silent as the night etc).


Mr M has made more learning videos to accompany the maths work - they can be accessed via the Chestnut Class home learning section of the school website.

We are doing one last activity on money and then revising place value.  I recommend you complete the work in this order:





Maths fluency:  You have MyMaths activities to revise times tables and rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.  You also have Purple Mash speed tests for the 9, 11 and 12 times tables.

Wider Curriculum -

Please continue with your wider curriculum matrix.

I hope you are all well.

Take care,

Mrs Barter