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2b Week Ten Monday 15th June

Home Learning Plans

Oak Class

Week Beginning: Monday 8th June


Hello there, Oak Class!

Hopefully all of you have been voting on which songs we are going to use for the leavers’ video! The vote is on Google Classroom but if you cannot access it, email me at and I will send you a list of options.
On Tuesday we are having our first Google Meet session where you at home can chat to us at school! Fingers crossed technology doesn’t let us down. The details of when it is and how to join in are on Tuesday’s planning section below.
We miss you all!
Hopefully all your home learning is going well. Don’t forget, you can send me copies of your work to look at whenever you like!

If you have any problems, my email address is:

Sending lots of love to you all!

Miss Mercer J



  • Maths: Today I would like you to do some revision on Long multiplication. Watch the short video at: if you need a quick recap on how to do it, then complete as many of the questions as you can in 45 minutes. There are 3 levels of difficulty; you could start with the easiest and work your way up or do a mixture of all of them.
  • English: Today I would like you to work on a character description. Choose one of the pictures (sorry they are blurred!) and decide what kind of character they might have. Then have a go at writing a back-story for them. What made them who they are? There is some vocabulary you can use to help you. This is an excellent skill as it makes your characters more believable and your writing more interesting. As ever…punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary. You what I have taught you! There is also a vocabulary reminder on the last page, if you need it.
  • Science: This week we are looking at the work of Alexander Fleming. Put the PowerPoint onto slideshow and go through it. It asks you to work with a partner to create a freeze frame but don’t worry about doing this is you have nobody to do it with, just complete the graph activity – it is a scatter graph so just plot the points without joining them up and look to see if you can see a pattern J Don’t forget to use a different colour for each type (there are 3 sets of answers for each time, each represents a different bacteria colony) There are three levels so choose which is best for you.


  • Maths: Today we are revising algebra. I remember everyone being really good at algebra so just have a go at the questions on the sheet to crack the code. If you get really stuck, message me and I’ll help as soon as I can.
  • English: Class book: Wonder – read November, Warning: This Kid is Rated R and The Egyptian Tomb (p90-97). Come up with five questions about what you have read. As before, you can do one on each chapter, focus on one chapter only or mix it up as you like. Try and think carefully about the questions you choose rather than just go for really obvious ones. Try to make inferences on the text and challenge yourself to make predictions.
  • Google meet: Hopefully as many of you as possible will be able to join us for our first Google Meet session. I have emailed the details to everyone but, just as a reminder, the link is  . The session will start at 1:20pm and end at 2:10pm. In it, we will discuss leavers’ song choices and art projects as well as generally having a chat.



  • Maths:  Today you have three maths problems to work through. There is one on distance, one on coordinates and one on digits. Work your way through as many as you can in 50 minutes. Watch how to solve them at:
  • English: Class book: Wonder. Today we are onto part 4 which is from Jack’s perspective - read The Call, Carvel and Why I Changed My Mind (p97 – 103) I would then like you to write a short flashback of the ice cream incident from the point of view of August’s mother, Via and August. Think really carefully about how each of them would have felt in that situation. Would it have been the first time it happened? How would you have felt?
  • PE: I have given you some yoga poses today. Have a go and see if you feel more relaxed and calm afterwards.


  • Maths:  Today you have a maths problem about spirals. When it says that the robot follows an ‘algorithm’ they mean that it follows a set of rules. The rule is that it moves 1 square, then turns 90 degrees right; moves 3 squares, then turns 90 degrees right; then moves 2 squares and turns 90 degrees right. It carries on following this pattern. Look at the spirals it makes, then investigate the other algorithms.
  • English: Spag game to play today! The Quest for Comma Castle.
  • Art: I would like us to complete a piece of artwork that can become a permanent display in the school. After looking at lots of different options, I think I have come up with one that you at home could do as well as the children in school. If you were on the Google Meet chat on Wednesday, I would have already given you a colour group and shape to work with. If not, check your emails as I would have sent it to you. Today I would just like you to experiment with some different patterns and colours. Use whatever you have at home. Paints are ideal as you can mix many different shades – I think they do paint palettes quite cheaply in Poundland. If you do not have any paint, you could always use coloured pencils. If you have absolutely no art supplies at home, contact me at I have included some examples of designs you could do on the sheet below but you can come up with your own if you would rather.



  • Maths: Maths challenge today! There are 10 questions. As a rough guide, challenge 1 and 2 are aimed at children aged 5-7; challenge 3 – 6 are aimed at children aged 7-11; and challenge 7-10 are aimed at children aged 11-15. You can work as a family to solve these. Start at challenge 1 and see how far you can get! I’ve made a video showing you how to answer them at:
  • English: Setting descriptions today. Choose one of the settings and describe it in as much detail as possible. What kind of place is it? Try to make your description as interesting as you can. Remember the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and feeling) and imagery. Try to use interesting sentence structure and punctuation.
  • RE: Week 2 of the Kingdom of God unit. Start with describing the qualities of a king, them compare them to the qualities Jesus had (read the two songs to help you). Finally, answer the questions at the bottom of the sheet.