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2a. Week Nine Monday 8th June

Home Learning Plans

Oak Class

Week Beginning: Monday 8th June


Hello there, Oak Class!

In school, we have been discussing creating a leavers' video. We have thought about possible songs we could sing, funny memories we act out and other things we could add in such as photos or dances.
We would love to hear some ideas from you guys too! If you have anything you think would be good for the video, either post it here or email me at if you would rather it was a private suggestion. We want EVERYONE to be involved in the video so ideas of things that people at home could do would be great!
We miss you all!
Hopefully all your home learning is going well. Don’t forget, you can send me copies of your work to look at whenever you like!

If you have any problems, my email address is:

Sending lots of love to you all!

Miss Mercer 



  • Maths: Today we are looking at the mean. Watch the video at: then complete the verbal fluency (VF) sheet at the level you think is best for you. Have a go at the reasoning and problem solving (RPS) questions too – again, choose your level.
  • English: Today you will be assessing and improving a piece of writing. Answer the questions and give the writer some feedback. If you are up for a challenge, rewrite the piece with your suggested improvements.
  • Science: This week we are looking at the achievements of zoologist Libbie Hyman. After recapping some of your learning on vertebrates and invertebrates, you can fill in the answers to questions about Miss Hyman. If you have someone you can work with, complete the task as suggested on the PowerPoint; if not, you will just have to complete it alone. Finally, you are asked to research a vertebrate or invertebrate and create your own fact file. You can choose from the templates provided or design one yourself. The PowerPoints always work best if you download them to your computer, then view them in slideshow mode.


  • English: Class book: Wonder – read Breakfast, Genetics 101, The Punnett Square, Out With the Old and October 31. (p74-80). Come up with five questions about what you have read. As before, you can do one on each chapter, focus on one chapter only or mix it up as you like. Try and think carefully about the questions you choose rather than just go for really obvious ones. Try to make inferences on the text and challenge yourself to make predictions.
  • Transition: There are 5 videos to watch on BBC Bitesize that discuss different things about secondary school Once you have watched them, discuss any questions you have with your parents, on the comments section or email me.



  • Maths:  End of unit test! Give yourself 20 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. If there is an area that you are still really stuck on, let me know and I can find some more work for you to practice on. There is a video showing you how to solve each question at:
  • English: Class book: Wonder - read Trick or Treat, Time To Think, Weird Kids, The Plague and The Halloween Party (p81-90) and answer the following questions. 1) Do you think Via is a good sister? Why? 2) Do you think the quote from the Christina Aguilera song, Beautiful, works well as an intro to part 3? Why? 3) Why do you think the kids in August’s year have made up the ‘Plague’ game? (Try to give a more detailed answer than ‘they’re mean’) 4) Why do you think Savanna’s group want Summer to stop hanging out with August?
  • PE: Have a look at the Rivers and Mountains workouts sheet and try out some of the suggested activities.


  • Maths:  Maths challenge today! There are 10 questions. As a rough guide, challenge 1 and 2 are aimed at children aged 5-7; challenge 3 – 6 are aimed at children aged 7-11; and challenge 7-10 are aimed at children aged 11-15. You can work as a family to solve these. Start at challenge 1 and see how far you can get!
  • English: Spag test today. See how far you can get in 30 minutes. I have included the mark scheme so you can check your answers.
  • RE: Today we start our new topic! The Kingdom of God. To start of this unit, we are going to look at the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-9). You have a video to watch on it first. It is weird but you all know how much I like a weird video and it does get the message across. I think Uncle Yesh might be trying out the ‘Jesus look’.

Once you have watched, read through the worksheet and answer the two questions.



  • Maths: We are finishing the week with a maths investigation about elf houses J Read the explanation and see how many possibilities you can come up with. Keep investigating with more and more colours. Can you see a pattern?
  • English: Today I would like you to work on a character description. Choose one of the pictures (sorry they are blurred!) and decide what kind of character they might have. Then have a go at writing a back-story for them. What made them who they are? There is some vocabulary you can use to help you. This is an excellent skill as it makes your characters more believable and your writing more interesting. As ever…punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary. You what I have taught you! There is also a vocabulary reminder on the last page, if you need it.

Art: This week we are looking at stippling. This a technique will use in our final collaborative piece of artwork. Watch the video and have a go at stippling a shape such as a sphere, a cuboid or pyramid. If you would prefer to have a go at stippling an ice cream, watch the video at Finally, if you would like to try stippling with colour and geometric patterns, try this tutorial an ice cream, watch the video at Finally, if you would like to try stippling with colour and geometric patterns, try this tutorial