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2. Week Eight Monday 1st June

Home Learning Plans

Maple Class

Week Beginning: Monday 1st June

Maple Class’ topic is ‘Cool Britannia’, an exploration of the country we live in. A lot of our learning is based around exploring Great Britain.


Please read the comprehension about VE day party food and try to answer the questions in the comprehension, you could do this over a couple of days. The day after you have finished, ask a grown up to go through the answers and find out how you did. If you got a question right, explain how you knew. If it was wrong, have a look at the correct answers and try to see why. If it is a question asking you what you think, could you give a fuller answer?

Ebooks are still available at the Oxford Owls webpage  login through the ‘My Class Login’ button.

Username: st barnabas maple (make sure you leave spaces)
Password: Books

The website MyOn is offering free access to its online e-books during the lockdown.



  • This week the words start with the letter ‘C’, remember it can make more than one sound.
  • First, use the, Look Say Cover Write Check, resource.
  • Get a grown up to read the dictation answer sheet while you try and fill in the blank words on the dictation sheet. Don’t worry if you get any wrong, instead look at the answers and then have another go.
  • When you are feeling confident, logon to Purple Mash, there is a to do: Y3 SUM2 WK1-quiz.



There are two activities for you to do this week, looking at poetry and a writing competition.

  • Look at the Spike Milligan Poems. Spike Milligan was a British and Irish comedian, writer and poet. He wrote poems for grown-ups and poems for children. These are some of the poems he wrote for children.
  • Choose one of the poems to learn. (Challenge yourself to go for the most points!)
  • Practice reading it until you can remember it without looking.
  • Perform the poem for a member of your family
  • Spike Milligan drew pictures to accompany his poems. Draw a picture to illustrate the poem you have chosen.
  • Now you have had a go on your own, watch Spike Milligan perform his own poem
  • Think about the nonsense words in ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ why do you think he has used words like this in his poem?
  • Look carefully at ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ find the rhyme words. Some are on the end of lines next to each other and some are not. Underline the rhymes in colour so the words that rhyme are coloured the same.
  • Now, look at the way the words, Ning Nang Nong repeat but change. Why do you think it does that?
  • Have a go writing your own words to replace the nonsense words on the ‘On the where’ sheet. Try to stick to Spike Milligan‘s rhyme pattern and try to make your nonsense words change as they repeat like his does.
  • Now learn your own version of the poem and perform it for a member of your family.
  • Dr Charles has heard about an exciting competition, look at the ‘Life in Lockdown’ writing competition for more details.


This week we are continuing to learn about time. First, we are looking at AM and PM. There are different ways to describe time that we use. Clocks can have numbers written as digits or as Roman numerals. We have clocks with hands or digital displays. However, we also have to remember that our clocks go round twice a day. After looking at AM and PM we will look at another way to show time, the 24 hour clock.

AM and PM are short for Latin phrases ‘ante meridiem’ and ‘post meridiem’. They mean ‘before midday’ and after midday. One way to remember them is ‘All Morning’ and ‘Past Midday’. 12 o’clock midnight is AM and 12 o’clock midday is PM.


Wider Curriculum

This week, Mr Luckhurst has organised a competition between houses. Can you help your house win? You will find it in the Matrix.

Pick activities of your choice from Home Learning Matrix.