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2. Week Eight Monday 1st June

Home Learning Plans

Willow Class

Week Beginning: Monday 1st June 2020


Dear Willow Class parents/carers and children,

The core learning for this week is set out below.


  • All children should read an age appropriate text for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. This can be a reading book or sharing a picture book with an adult. When completing guided or supported reading of an age appropriate text, focus on application/synthesis questions. Use the application/synthesis section of grid below to generate questions that challenge your child to talk about the story.

For example:

-Why should they do that?

-Why might they not want to do that?

-How might the character feel here?


You can also visit the Oxford Owl website.  

Username: willow101

Password: pupil

Or you can use reading resources via

Click on the Teacher Portal and enter:


Password:  Parents20!            And click Login


The National Literacy Trust has created a selection of materials designed to support young readers at home. Please click here

Try doing a word hunt or making a book cover.




This week’s spelling and phonics work concentrates on the alternative pronunciation for i, o, c and g.


Below are some activities that you could use for phonics/spellings. Remember, each day you can continue to explore the letter sounds by using chalks, magnetic letters, playdough or you could write them in flour, sand or with a pencil. You could play a game of “snap” or “pairs” with the sounds you have learnt so far.

Writing: This week’s English tasks are based around the Talk for Writing pack: Sidney Spider - A Tale of Friendship. Read the story with your child and work through the tasks that are included with it.



This week we are learning about money. Start by looking at some coins together. Talk about the value of each coin and what they look like. Talk about the colour of the coins and their different sizes and shapes. Explain that money is measured in penny/pence and pounds and that we use ‘p’ to indicate pence and £ to represent pounds. Now put the coins in order from 1p up to £2. Explain that 2 pence is worth 2 of the 1 penny coins and that £1 is worth 100 pennies/pence.

Next day look at pound notes and talk about their value. Pictures of each coin and note are included on a word mat.

There are activities sheets to complete:

Recognising Coins

Recognising Notes

Counting in Coins

Making 10p and 20p in different ways


On Friday use the fruit shop printouts to play a shop game where you use the correct coins to pay for fruit.

Please also log on to My Maths and complete the homework and lessons which have been selected for you. If you can’t remember your log in, please email me and I will send it to you.

You could also complete the money activities on Maths with Parents - class code 193691


Wider Curriculum.

Please pick activities of your choice from the wider curriculum matrix to complete over the next two weeks.


Don’t forget to share pictures of your completed work with me, or any other activities you have been doing. The class email is: .

Best wishes.

Mrs Pring