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2. Week Eight Monday 1st June

Home Learning Plans

Oak Class

Week Beginning: Monday 1st June


Hello there, Oak Class!

So, this week I am lucky enough to have some of the class back in school but we will still be thinking of all of you at home! I am teaching all week but will do my best to keep up with emails and marking home learning uploaded to Google Classroom.

If you have any problems, my email address is:

Sending lots of love to you all!

Miss Mercer 



  • Maths: For the next few days, we are looking at pie charts. Today we are interpreting information from them. Watch the video at:  then choose one of the levelled sheets to complete. There is an extension discussion question if you want an extra challenge.
  • English: A proof-reading exercise today. Read through the passage and spot the mistakes. It could be grammar, spelling or maybe a word that doesn’t exist. Then re-write it correctly. Extract 1 contains 20 errors, extract 2 contains 30 errors. Choose which you would like to do or for a challenge, complete both J
  • Science: I can’t set you anymore lessons on electricity as most of you would not have the equipment you would need at home to do the experiments. I decided that it would be good to find out a bit more about some famous scientists and have a look at their world-changing theories. This week we are looking at Stephen Hawking. Go through the PowerPoint and complete the sheets when prompted. There are a couple of experiments for you to have a go at too – the equipment needed is stuff that most of you should already have at home. If not, just do as much as you can. There is a great video on black holes here:


  • Maths: Today we are looking at pie charts and percentages. Watch the video at:  then choose a set of questions to answer. You could also have a go at the extension question, too!
  • English: Class book: Wonder – read A Tour of the Galaxy, Before August, Seeing August and August Through the Peephole (pages 63-68) then answer the questions on A Tour of the Galaxy and August Through the Peephole from the workbook (pages 7-8)
  • Transition: We are going to do some more work on moving to secondary school today. Put the PowerPoint onto slideshow mode (look at the top of the page, click slideshow, then start from beginning. It will need to be downloaded for you to do this) and follow the prompts. Some pages have things you can click on to answer questions or worries. I have included a booklet you could fill in that might help you prepare for secondary school. There is also a checklist of things you will need every day. Finally, there is a list of possible questions or problems you might face that you could talk through with some of your family and friends. If there is anything you are concerned about, please email me and I will do my best to help.


  • Maths:  Today I would like you to have a go at drawing a pie chart. Go through the PowerPoint which will teach you two different ways to draw a pie chart. If you do not have a protractor or you are not feeling too confident about using it, try the first method and choose the sheet with 1 star. If you do have a protractor and think you could have a go at drawing out the angles yourself, try the second method – either the 2 or 3 star sheet. There is an extension sheet if you are feeling like a maths master.
  • English: Class book: Wonder - read High School, Major Tom, After School, The Padowan Bites the Dust and Apparition at the Door (pages 68-74). Answer the following questions: 1) How do you think having August as a brother affects Via? 2) Why do you think Miranda and Ella are being different?
  • PE: Fun fitness bingo!!! Read the instructions then play a game of fun fitness bingo with your family or even on a video call with your friends!


  • Maths:  Today you have a PowerPoint to work through that has 2 questions on pie charts and two on line graphs. Do as much as you can but I do appreciate some of you do not have protractors. If you get stuck, or if you just want to hear my voice, there is a video showing you how to solve questions 1-3 at:
  • English: Spag test today. See how far you can get in 20 minutes. I have included the mark scheme so you can check your answers.
  • RE: Today we are looking at Buddhist signs and symbols. Go through the PowerPoint, complete the quiz, then trying the matching activity. Challenge a member of your family to solve it!



  • Maths: Today you have a couple of maths investigations to have a go at. They both involve multiplying by eleven. The questions are on the PowerPoint and there is an adult guidance sheet. Everyone should complete challenge one and most of you should be able to have a go at challenge two, too.
  • English: Final music video writing task and today’s is Titanium by David Guetta. Watch the video at . Next, answer the story starter questions, then complete the story using inspiration from the video. Aim to write at least one A4 page. Send them to me so I can see how your writing is coming along. Don’t forget punctuation! There are reminders on the next page.
  • Art: This week we are looking at cartoon portraits! This video shows a quick and easy way of creating a cartoon version of yourself. Try lots of different styles as the lady suggests and send some to me so I can see how you have done!