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1e. Week Six Monday 11th May

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Oak Class

Week Beginning: Monday 11th May


Hello there, Oak Class!

I hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend and had fun joining in with the VE Day anniversary celebrations!

I am trying to structure each week as it would be in school, so I have removed the wider learning grid and am writing suggested activities for each day. I hope this helps. As ever, just do as much as you can but do try to keep up with as much maths and English as possible.

As I mentioned in the email that went out last Wednesday, I accidentally set work for Bank Holiday Friday so I have reset it for this Monday as I said I would.

If you have any problems, my email address is:

Sending lots of love to you all!

Miss Mercer 



  • Maths: Today you have the end of unit test to complete. Give yourself 20 minutes to do as much as you can, then see how many you got. I have provided a marking sheet but if you would like to know how to solve them, there is a tutorial at:
  • English: Another song comprehension! This time it is ‘Naughty’ from the musical Matilda (based on the book by Roald Dahl). Watch the video at: or listen at: then answer the questions in the booklet. I have included a copy of the lyrics to help you out.
  • Science: This week, we are looking at circuits. Go through the PowerPoint and see what you can remember from your previous work on circuits. Then complete the activity sheet. There is a quick quiz at the end of the PowerPoint to see how many of the symbols you have remembered.



  • Maths: Watch today’s PowerPoint. It starts off with a bit of revision on properties of shape, then moves onto circles. Some of the activities ask you to use a pair of compasses. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, just watch how to use them. The activities I’ve set do not require you to use a pair of compasses but, if you have them, you may draw your circles this way. I have also included an extension sheet for those of you who do have a pair of compasses and would like to have a go.
  • English: Class book: Wonder – read ‘First-Day Jitters’, ‘Locks’, ‘Around the Room’ and ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’. Then answer the question on ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ from the workbook.
  • Spag: Complete the ten questions on punctuation and grammar test 1.
  • Transition: Although I would love to keep you in year six forever, next year, you will be moving up to secondary school. For this activity, I would like you to write a letter to your future self that you can open at the end of your first year at secondary school – or later if you would like. There is a prompt sheet and planning sheet to help you think about the things you might like to include. You can use the template to write your letter or you can do it on a piece of your own paper if you prefer. You can customise it with drawings if you like – it is to you after all! I would also like you to think about any questions you might have about secondary school and anything you are worried about and email them to me. I can then use these to put together a few lessons for you all.


  • Maths:  Another PowerPoint to watch today at: You will be prompted to complete certain sheets during the presentation. All resources are in this week’s folder. There is also an extension sheet for those who would like it.
  • English: Class book: Wonder - read ‘Choose Kind’, ‘Lunch’, ‘The Summer Table’ and ‘One to Ten’. Answer the question on ‘Choose Kind’ from the workbook.
  • Spag: Complete the ten questions on punctuation and grammar test 2.
  • PE: Try one of Joe Wickes workout routines. You can find these on his YouTube channel: The Body Coach TV. He does a live workout, every day at 9am or you can pick one from his video library.



  • Maths: Today we are tackling some circle reasoning questions. Watch the PowerPoint and answer the questions when prompted. There are then some different level questions for you to answer independently. I have included a couple of bits of adult guidance to help with understanding. There is also a video for you to watch where I show you how to solve them if you get stuck:
  • English: Flashback to the 80’s!Today you are going to learn a little bit about Britain in the 80’s before watching a video that will lead into a writing task tomorrow. First of all, go through the PowerPoint, then complete the reading comprehension activity. Finally, I would like you to watch Take on Me by Aha. A link to the video is:
  • RE: This week we are learning about the Buddhist holy book. Go through the PowerPoint, then choose which level sheet you would like to complete. Write down what you would still like to know about their holy book and try and find out the answers online. You can put what you found into an information sheet and send it to me if you would like!



  • Maths: Some more problem solving today!

Go to and select summer week 2, lesson 3. Watch how they solve the first problem, then pause when asked and have a go at one yourself. They will then go through the method with you.

  • English: Re-watch the Aha video and answer the ‘Story Starter Question Ideas’. Next, read the story starter and carry it on. Aim to write at least a page. Don’t forget interesting punctuation, description, clauses etc!
  • PE: See Wednesday
  • Art: This week we are looking at Pablo Picasso’s cubism portraits. Start by watching the video at: which tells you who he was and what sort of art he created. Then I have a tutorial that will help you create your own Picasso-style portrait: The great thing about this style is that it is abstract so you don’t need to worry about proportion and position so much. I also have another short video for you to watch to give you some different ideas for your drawing: Email them in so I can see!