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1d. Week Four Monday 27th April

Home Learning Plans

Lilac Class

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April


  • Carry on with your daily independent reading. 
  • I have typed out Chapters 20 and 21 of Street Child by Berlie Doherty for your child to read. To recap: During your child’s reading sessions the model is that you initially read one chapter, one session and the next, the other.  Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.  Remember to occasionally stop and ask your child what they think the meaning of a tricky word could be, looking at the context of the sentence.  The next two sessions will involve them re-reading the two chapters.  During the final session your child needs to complete the reading comprehension questions that I have attached and then go over the answers with you.  Most of the questions are open ended and there may be several answers to the questions.  The purpose of the exercise is to develop reading comprehension skills and to discuss the text – that is why I have not given you an answer sheet.
  • Visit the Oxford Owl website. Click on the My Class Login section


Use the following details to log in to the newly created Lilac Class section.

Username: lilac101

Password: pupil

Click on the ‘My Bookshelf’ section and select reading books that are right for you. Use the ‘Age Groups’ section to help narrow down the search. 

  • When completing guided or supported reading of an age appropriate text, focus on analytical questioning. Use the analytical section of this questioning tool to generate questions that challenge your child to analyse what has happened in the story.


For example:

-Why did they do that?

-How can you tell that…?


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

  • I have set activities about the use of parenthesis and commas on as a consolidating exercise of work previously covered.  Please ensure that your child reads the questions carefully and does not rush through the answers.
  • I have set you some Classroom Secrets questions about the prefixes de, dis and mis.  These include the answers.  There is no need to print out the sheets as you can write the answers in your exercise book.  You know what sheets you normally work from.
  • As a ‘2Do’ on Purple Mash I have set an activity about prefixes and have attached a verb prefix word search.
  • As a ‘2Do’ on Purple Mash I have set an activity about modal verbs and have attached a worksheet about matching modal verbs and infinitive verbs (verbs in their most basic form and the word you will find when you look up the verb in a dictionary).


  • LO:  To take notes and record information using bullet points.   I have attached the slides from a power point about the Titanic. I would like you to read through the information on the slides with your child.  In note form ask your child to jot down information and facts that they believe to be important in their exercise book.  These notes will be needed for other activities I set during the coming weeks.   
  •  LO:  To draft a recount describing character and setting. It was 11.30pm on Sunday 14th of April 1912.  You are Frederick Fleet and you are re-telling your story.  You survived the sinking of the Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean.  (Frederick Fleet really did survive the sinking of the Titanic!)  You are up in the crow’s nest and there have been seven iceberg warnings.  The ship is sailing too fast.  What are you feeling?  What do you hear?  What is the sky/sea/weather like?  What can you see?  Who is still awake?  The key to the binocular’s cupboard has gone missing.  Suddenly, you see the iceberg coming closer.  Describe what it looks like using adjectives and expanded noun phrases.   You quickly telephone the bridge and shout ‘Iceberg! Right ahead!’.  The Titanic does not hit the iceberg head on but is steered around it.  The iceberg scrapes along the right side of the Titanic (the starboard side).  What noises do you hear when this happens?  The ship stops still in the middle of the ocean.  What might you be thinking now?  The orchestra play on… PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE THAT HAPPENS AFTERWARDS!!  This is only a draft.  When your child has written it ask them to read out their recount to you.  How could they make it even better?  What other words could they use to really bring that terrifying night to life?  What sentence openers and conjunctions have they used?   Ask your child to edit their writing using a different coloured pen, purple if you have one, then ask them to re-write and level up their recount LO:  To level up a recount describing character and setting.  This is an extended piece of writing and I am only expecting the draft to be written this week.  This LO is for next week.
  • Write a book review if you have finished reading one recently.  I have attached another book review worksheet for your child to use for this task.  It might be about a book they have read from the Oxford Owl selection.

Maths:  This week we are learning how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa.

  • Watch my learning videos LO:  To convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and LO:  To convert mixed numbers to improper fractions.

  • Work through the Classroom Secrets worksheets about converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and converting mixed numbers into improper fractions.  As you know they become more challenging as you work through the pages of questions.  The third page is the most challenging.  You can copy out the questions and complete your calculations in your exercise book.  Again, there is no need to print them out. The answers are attached!  I have also attached a follow up worksheet. Again, just write your answers in your exercise book.  The answers are attached!
  •  I have also set MyMaths fraction tasks.  Please see attached Homework sheet for details.

Numbers Fluency:  Complete your new Maths with Parents activity I have set you about factors and multiples.  Class Code 483721. Ensure that multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits is also completed.

If you need to (or have not done so as yet), look again at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

Wider Curriculum:  Pick activities from the Wider Curriculum Learning Matrix.

I have also attached my regular Homework sheet that your child would normally receive every Thursday.