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1d. Week Five Monday 4th May

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Oak Class

Week Beginning: Monday 4th May


Hello there, Oak Class!

I am trying to structure each week as it would be in school, so I have removed the wider learning grid and am writing suggested activities for each day. I hope this helps. As ever, just do as much as you can but do try to keep up with as much maths and English as possible.

For those who would like some maths extension work this week, I have attached some ‘family challenge’ questions from White Rose for you to have a go at. I have made an explanation tutorial available at:

If you have any problems, my email address is:

Sending lots of love to you all!

Miss Mercer



  • Maths: Go to Select summer week 1, lesson 4. Watch the video and answer the questions on missing angles.
  • English: You may have heard about Captain Tom Moore, the WW2 veteran that has been raising money for the NHS and is currently at number one in the charts! Today, I would like you to research a WW2 hero in preparation for writing a fact file about them. The best ones will be put on the school website to mark the VE Day Anniversary celebrations. You could research Captain Moore himself or you could choose another hero such as Oskar Schindler, Abdol Hossein Sardari, Blair Mayne, Mavis Bately or Sonia d’Artois; there are honestly so many amazing people to choose from! You can plan it using the sheet in the English folder.
  • Science: Start off by completing the 2 light mini quizzes to see what you can remember. Our new topic is electricity so today we are going to look at what you know already and the invention of electricity. Start by having a go at the quiz – put the PowerPoint onto slideshow then use the forward arrows to go through it. Click on the answer that you think is correct. If it goes green, you are correct. If it goes red, try again. Next, complete the reading comprehension activity on the history of electricity. Choose the level that you feel is right for you: one star is working towards, two stars is expected and three stars is greater depth. Finally, there is a sorting activity where you have to decide which items use electricity and which do not. Again, choose the level you think is best for you.

I have also attached an experiment you could try if you would like to



  • Maths: Watch the tutorial at  . Start by answering the fluency questions, then move onto the reasoning if you have time. Do the level sheet that you would usually do in class or challenge yourself to move up a level if you are feeling confident.
  • English: Create a fact-file about the WW2 hero that you researched. You can format it however you like but I have included some templates if you would like some help on how to set it out. Make them as interesting as you can as the best ones will go on the school website.
  • Topic: I have attached a PowerPoint about the WW2 code cracker Alan Turing for you to look at, and a couple of code-breaking activities for you to try. You could also have a go at making your own code for a member of your family to crack!

I have included some other VE Day activities you could have a go at, such as making your own spitfire or designing a medal.


  • Maths:  Go to Select summer week 2, lesson 2. Watch the video and answer the questions on angles in polygons.
  • English: Read ‘Nice Mrs Garcia’, ‘Jack Will, Julian and Charlotte’ and ‘The Grand Tour’ from the class book, Wonder. Then, answer the questions on ‘Jack Will, Julian and Charlotte’ from the workbook.
  • Spag: Watch the tutorial on paragraphs at:  Next, try the worksheets – verbal fluency first, then application. Choose the level that you think is right for you.
  • PE: Set yourself a challenge! Is there something you would like to be better at or something you would like to be able to do? Do you wish you could do 20 press-ups? Want to be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes? Aspiring to run 5K? Set yourself a small target to work towards this week to bring you nearer to your goal.


  • Maths: Watch the tutorial at. Complete the questions on nets of shapes. Start with the easier level if you are unsure and work your way up. I have also attached some net templates if you would like to have a go at making your own. There are varying difficulties. TOP TIP! Fold very carefully but firmly along the lines or you will find it difficult to stick your shape together.
  • English: Read chapters ‘The Performance Space’, The Deal’ and ‘Home’ from the class book, Wonder. Have you opinions of any of the characters changed? Why do you think Julian acts the way he does? Do you think any of them will end up being important in the story?
  • RE: Go through the Buddhism slides, considering the questions as you go. There are then 2 activities to complete. The first is to draw a Buddhist place of worship and the other is to write a short letter explaining about Buddhism. The details of this are on the worksheet. If you would like to have a go at meditating, there is a good exercise to follow here: