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1c. Week Four Monday 27th April

Home Learning Plans

Maple Class


Week Beginning: Monday 27th April

I hope you have had a lovely Easter. In the Summer Term, Maple Class’ topic is ‘Cool Britannia’, an exploration of the country we live in. A lot of our learning will be based around exploring Great Britain.


Carrying on with whole class reading, please go to the Oxford Owls webpage  login through the ‘My Class Login’ button.

Username: st barnabas maple (make sure you leave spaces)
Password: Books

Find the book, ‘Dick Whittington’

If you have problems logging in, there is a copy of chapters two and three in the week four folder.

On Monday, either listen to chapter two by pressing the play button, or read the story to your child. Pause and help if there are any words or ideas your child does not understand. There is a chapter 2&3 glossary in the week three folder.

On Tuesday, ask your child to read chapter two to you. Help them if they get stuck.

On Wednesday, either read chapter three to your child or let them listen to the story. But watch out! There is a mistake on page 23. It says. “ …till cook I have sent you…”. But it should say, “ …tell cook I have sent you…”

On Thursday, ask your child to read chapter three to you. Help them if they get stuck.

On Friday, complete the comprehension, ‘Little Puss and Nobody Can Stop You Dreaming’.

Remember, if you enjoy David Walliams, you can hear him read some of his own stories at

And that Kent Libraries have a great selection of books to read online or to listen along to. You can sign up for free at

Some books you need to wait for but there are loads available now.


  • First, use the, Look Say Cover Write Check, resource. Many of these words have suffixes (word endings) -ly. Look how a word that ends with –y changes to an -i, for instance ‘happy’ changes to ‘happi’ then to ‘happily’
  • Get a grown up to read the dictation answer sheet while you try and fill in the blank words on the dictation sheet. Don’t worry if you get any wrong, instead look at the answers and then have another go.
  •   When you are feeling confident, logon to Purple Mash, there is a to do: Y3 SUM1 WK2-quiz.


  • Using the internet, an atlas or a grown-up to help, label and locate the British attractions on the ‘Attractions Map of the UK’ worksheet.
  • Pick one of the locations and write a short report about it. Describe what it is, what happens there, whether people go and visit it, how long it has been there, whether it is man-made or natural, and add any interesting facts you can find out.
  • Pretend you have gone to your location and use the Blank Postcard Template to write to a friend or family member telling them about it. On the back of the postcard draw a picture of your location

Maths: This week we are continuing to learn about fractions

  • Log on to Purple Mash and complete the maths ‘2Dos’ about finding matching expressions
  • Try the Colour and Label Fractions Worksheet
  • Try the Adding and Subtracting Fractions with the same denominator Worksheet
  • Try the Adding Fractions Worksheet
  • Have a go at the Year 3 Fraction Problems Worksheet


Wider Curriculum

  • Pick activities of your choice from the Wider Curriculum Home Learning Matrix.