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1b. Week Two Monday 30th March

Home Learning Plans

Lilac Class

Week Beginning:  Monday 30th  March


  • In Year 5, it is expected that your child will read independently for at least 20 minutes a day.  They should read their class reading book but also feel free to supplement this with additional material, for example comics and magazines or a book that they may also reading at home.  After your child has read, use the factual section of this questioning tool below to generate questions to ensure that they have fully understood what they are reading.  I know that some children have a Kindle. 
  • I have typed out Chapters 16 and 17 of Street Child by Berlie Doherty for your child to read.  As a whole class we have read chapters 14-15.  During your child’s reading sessions the model is that you initially read one chapter, one session and the next chapter the other.  Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.  Occasionally, stop and ask your child what they think the meaning of a tricky words could be, looking at the context of the sentence.  The next two sessions will involve them re-reading the two chapters.  During the final session your child needs to complete the reading comprehension questions that I have attached and then go over the answers with you.  Most of the questions are open ended and there may be several answers to the questions.  The purpose of the exercise is to develop reading comprehension skills and to discuss the text - that is why I have not given you an answer sheet.



  • I have given your child a spelling activity this week about converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using suffixes.  I have attached a worksheet for this activity.  Please do not log onto as I have not set an activity, as yet.  We were trialling last term and will be consolidating and re-visiting the activities covered next term.


  • I would like your child to write a Spring Poem using the conventions of poetry writing, for example similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration and rhyme.  We have used these before in our poetry writing.  Discuss with your child what spring looks like, what sounds you hear, what you can smell and how spring can make you feel.  What is happening in nature and to the wildlife? 
  • Write a book review about a book that you have read recently.  I have attached a worksheet for your child to use for this task with answers.


Continue with the fraction activity (with parent guidance) and a multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits activity on Maths with Parents (you need to sign up for this and details have been sent to you) Class Code 483721.I have also given your child a short division practice worksheet with answers.

Wider Curriculum:  Pick activities from the Wider Curriculum Learning Matrix.

I have also attached my regular Homework sheet to be completed that your child receives every Thursday.