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1.Week One Monday 23rd March

Home Learning Plans

Willow Class

Week Beginning: Monday 23rd March

Dear Willow Class parents/carers and children,

The core learning for this week is set out below.


Click on the Teacher portal and enter

Username:   Password: Parents20!

And click  Login

Explore the different book banks and choose books which are right for you. If you want to study a book in more detail, click on the resources section for detailed notes on how to do so.

  • Log on to Purple Mash and complete the Talking Stories ‘2Do’ which have been selected for you.
  • All children should read an age appropriate text for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. This can be an age appropriate reading book or sharing a picture book with an adult. Adults should use the factual section of the questioning tool below to generate questions to ensure that their child has fully understood what they are reading.

For example:

-When did the character go to the shops? - What did they do next?

-Who is in the shop?-Where are the characters going?


  • Log on to Purple Mash and complete the spelling ‘2Dos’ which have been selected for you.
  • The spelling patterns are “er” and “ir” digraphs and there is a set of tricky words to revisit.
  • Please practise some of the spellings each day using the spelling sheet.
  • You can log onto Phonics Play

and practise these digraphs in Phase 5 games. Please use:

Username: march20Password:home


  • This week we are writing an adventure story about Traction Man. The class decided that he should go on an adventure to an island with a volcano. Think about who he might meet. Has his pet scrubbing brush gone with him? What has he packed for his adventure? Who does he need to save? What happens when he gets to the island?
  • You can plan your story on Purple Mash using the storyboard ‘2Do’ or on a piece of paper.
  • Write your story in the lined exercise book you brought home.
  • Remember to write in sentences with clear finger spaces between each word and try to vary the way you start your sentences.
  • Use a capital letter to start each sentence and remember to put a full stop or exclamation mark at the end of each sentence.
  • This week you could also write a description of the island that he visits. Remember to use adjectives to describe what he sees, hears and smells.
  • Use the handwriting sheet to practise your cursive letter formation.


  • In Maths we have been investigating different units of measurement. Have a look around your home, perhaps in the kitchen cupboards and choose 5 items. Can you order these from lightest to heaviest? Don’t worry if you don’t have scales, you can judge which is the heaviest yourself. Can you order the items from shortest to tallest? Are any items the same weight or height?
  • Explore the capacity of some containers in your home. Do taller containers always hold more water? Investigate and find out.
  • Log on to MyMaths- and complete the activities that have been allocated.

Complete the White Rose worksheets which have been sent with this letter. These are also available via the following link:

Number Fluency

  • Log on to Purple Mash and complete the number bonds ‘2Dos’ which have been selected for you.
  • Complete the number bonds Maths with Parents Activities - class code 193691

Wider Curriculum

  • Please pick activities of your choice from the Wider Curriculum Home Learning Matrix which you have been sent. The matrix provides a fortnight of activities.

With best wishes

Mrs Pring