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Thursday 14th January

Daily Plans for Thursday 14th January 2021

14.1.21      * Remember to dip into your project about a famous Victorian of your choice when you have finished an activity and have some spare time.


1.Punctuation activities for Thursday and Friday mornings

I have uploaded 2 Classroom Secrets punctuation activities and power point slides to accompany each activity.  One is entitled Apostrophes for Possession or Contraction and the other is Using Brackets to Indicate Parenthesis (this will consolidate work we have covered in class).  Choose one to do this morning and the other for tomorrow morning.  Answers are given.  Please complete the sheets that you normally work from.


Today we are continuing our work about factors.  You may feel you need to watch again the White Rose Learning Video using the link about factors. Please remember to pause the video when you need to do calculations and give yourself plenty of time. Also remember that the answers are always given by the person who is presenting the videos. Remember to also show any of your working out. I have uploaded Classroom Secrets power point slides about factors.  Work through this, jotting down your calculations and answers on a piece of paper as you go along.  Remember these also give you the answers.  I have uploaded Classroom Secrets Reasoning and Problem Solving worksheets and answers.  Complete the sheets that you normally work from.  If you feel confident work through some of the Maths Mastery Challenge Cards about multiples and factors - some of you might need to finish this activity if you started it yesterday.  Remember the answers are provided. 


1. Today I would like you to continue with your story The Shilling Pie- remember you are writing in the first person.  That means that you are writing as if you are Jim.  Your task is to re-tell the first chapter in your own words using some of Berlie Doherty’s ideas and some of your own.  Remember you are only going as far as when Jim reaches his home after the boys have chased him.  PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO USE PARAGRAPHS, FULL STOPS, CAPITAL LETTERS, COMMAS, SPEECH MARKS, CONJUNCTIONS AND SENTENCE OPENERS.  IF YOU CANNOT SPELL A WORD ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE A DICTIONARY!

2.  Continue working through your ‘Talk for Writing’ Booklet.  Finish Activity 9 on page 14.  Remember to use Activity 9 as a model for your information text about your elf or sprite.


4. Reading

Please remember to read independently for 40 minutes!  For your 30 minute Guided Reading Session I would like you to complete the reading comprehension questions for Chapters 2 and 3 of ‘Street Child’. 



For your PE session today that you can do at home I would like to watch and work through Lesson 2 ‘Foot Patterns’.  The link is

Then click on #This is PE just below the screen on the left hand side.  You will then see the selection of lessons come up.  Click on lesson 2 ‘Foot Patterns’.


Please finish your poster about grouping materials according to their properties.  Remember you are grouping different objects into these categories:  waterproof, magnetic, reversible change, irreversible change, a conductor, flammable, transparent, opaque and an insulator.