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Wednesday 13th January

Daily Plans for Wednesday 13th January 2021

13.1.21      * Remember to dip into your project about a famous Victorian of your choice when you have finished an activity and have some spare time.



Copy out each of your spellings 5 times and then on a different piece of paper write each one out one by one covering them up and then check that you have written them correctly.  If you have spelt a word incorrectly do the same thing again until you have written it correctly. Write a word as a pyramid if you are having trouble learning how to spell it.  These are not easy words!  special   crucial   beneficial   essential   confidential   substantial   financial   initial  official   confidential  

2. Maths

Today we are learning about factors.  Please watch the White Rose Learning Video using the link about factors and have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to jot down any answers or working out. Please remember to pause the video when you need to do calculations and give yourself plenty of time. Also remember that the answers are always given by the person who is presenting the videos. Remember to also show any of your working out. For your written task I have uploaded a White Rose question sheet and the answer sheet.  If you feel confident, I have also uploaded some Maths Mastery Challenge Cards for you to work through that are about multiples and factors. The answers are provided. 


2.  English

1. This week you will be working on a piece of extended writing in the form of a narrative (story writing).  The learning objective is to explore the thoughts and feelings of a character.  For this session I would like you to finish your plan and start to write your story.  The title of your story is The Shilling Pie. Remember you are writing in the first person.  That means that you are writing as you are Jim.  Your task is to re-tell the first chapter in your own words using some of Berlie Doherty’s ideas and some of your own.  Remember you are only going as far as when Jim reaches his home after the boys have chased him. 

2.  Continue working through your ‘Talk for Writing’ Booklet.  Read page 14, Activity 9.  Now it is your turn to write an information text about a type of elf or sprite. You can use some of the suggested ideas that Pie Corbett has given you and also add some of your own that you have been working on.  Remember to use Activity 9 as a model for your writing. 


3.  Reading

Please remember to read independently for 40 minutes!  For your 30 minute Guided Reading Session I would like you start the reading comprehension questions for to Chapters 2 and 3 of ‘Street Child’.  Only go as far as finishing question 6. You will need to reread passages of the text to find your answers. 


4.  Science

In Science for terms 3 and 4 our topic is ‘Properties and Changes in Materials’.  Make a list of different objects and write down what they are made of.  Group different objects into these categories:  waterproof, magnetic, reversible change (when a material can return to its original state after being changed, for example chocolate is a solid but when it is heated it becomes a liquid and when it is cooled it goes back to being a solid again.  Another example is water.  It is a liquid and when it is frozen it becomes ice, a solid, and when it is heated it becomes a liquid again), irreversible change (when a material is changed but cannot return back to its original state, for example, an egg because when you cook it, the egg cannot go back to being a raw egg again.  Also, another example is bread.  When it is toasted it cannot go back to being bread again), a conductor (heat and electricity can go through it), flammable, transparent, opaque and an insulator (keeps the cold or heat out).  Use a dictionary if you do not know what any of the other terms mean.  Design a poster to show this information.