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Term 2 Week 6

What Lilac Class are doing this week

What we are doing this week in Lilac Class

WB: 7.12.20

In Maths this week in Lilac Class, we will be reading and interpreting line graphs and finding information about data.  We will be looking carefully at what the scale is along the Y axis and what this tells us about the information represented.  Lilac class will then be moving onto drawing line graphs and plotting information accurately.  With our talk partners we will also be using our reasoning skills to solve problems about line graphs.

In English, we have completed our detailed plans and are now ready to draft our next extended piece of writing.  Lilac Class are going to write an article for a travel brochure or website that advertises Belize as a fantastic holiday destination. We will be persuading the reader to go on holiday to Belize using imperative verbs, persuasive adjectives, rhetorical questions and fronted adverbials.  We have brain stormed our ideas based on the information we obtained from various travel sites during our whole class discussion sessions.  We are now reading chapters thirteen and fourteen of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.  Our focus is to find examples of similes and metaphors in the rich text.

In RE this week, Lilac Class are going to explore through discussion what a Messiah would think of our world today.   What would he change and how would he do this?  What would he like or approve of and why?

In Topic, we are learning about Mayan writing and numbers.  Lilac Class will be solving and writing calculations using Mayan numbers.  We will be using Mayan words (glyphs) for each month when creating a Mayan Haab calendar.  We are continuing with our pottery using clay based on our own designs that were inspired by examples of real Mayan pottery found in the ruins of the temples and palaces.  In Science, we are finding out about Sir Isaac Newton and gravity.  We will be learning about the difference between gravity and weight.   In ICT we are continuing with our work about databases using information to create our own.