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Home Learning this week

Home learning to be completed by Friday 16th October

Written Homework to be completed by Friday 16th October 2020 and will be given out on Friday the 9th of October 2020.


Please learn the following words for a spelling test on 15.10.20.  This week we have been learning about words that contain silent letters.   I will not only be looking at your ability to spell the words but also whether you understand the meaning.  Copy out these words using the pyramid method that has been stuck into the front of your book.  This sheet is called ‘Monarchy’.  This will help you learn to spell these words. 

doubt   solemn   gnome   whistle   island   thistle   numb   debt   lamb   knight   autumn   isle

Put the word into a sentence to show that you understand the meaning.  If you are unsure, look the word up in a dictionary. Please put a comparative conjunction (e.g. as well as, also, equally, similarly, likewise) or contrasting conjunction (e.g. alternatively, although, whereas, while, in contrast, however, despite) into your sentence. Can you write a relative clause using who, which, where, when, whose and that? Can you use sentence openers such as Another thing, Eventually, Sometimes, Afterwards, After a while, Often, Before, At last. Can you include some speech marks in your sentences? Can you create an expanded noun phrase? Remember to use a range of punctuation.  You do not need to do all of these things!  Try using at least one!  Please look carefully at the VCOP sheet that has been stuck into the back of your Homework book. 


Maths Task:  This week you have two written Maths Tasks.  There is one sheet about rounding numbers within 100,000 and another about comparing and ordering numbers to 100,000. I have also included two White Rose Learning Videos to support this work- please click on the links below.

Rounding Numbers

Compare and Order Numbers


Online Tasks: I have set you some online Homework for the week beginning 5.10.20.  For MyMaths there is a problem solving activity involving rounding and an activity that is about working with thousands.   For Purple Mash I have set you two ‘2Dos’.  One is a called ‘Funky Platform’ and is a calculation exercise and the other is called ‘Magic School’ that is consolidating our work about relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that.  All your logins are stuck into the front of your Homework book.