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5th January 2021

Chestnut Class learning for Tuesday 5th January 2021

Term 3 Week 1

Tuesday 5th January 2021


Good morning Chestnut Class!

Your work for the day is as follows:

Reading for 30 minutes.  You can do this in shorter chunks if you wish.  Please note down what you have read in your yellow reading record.

Spellings – there is a sheet attached to practise words with the ‘gu’ spelling.  Please use one of the suggested methods to practise them and then think of other examples to add to the list.  We will practise them again on Thursday.

Whole class reading – I have attached the first chapter of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  Please read this over a couple of times.  Circle any unfamiliar words and look up their meaning.  We will revisit the text again and you will have some comprehension questions later in the week.

English – Goblinology booklet.  Today I would like you to carry out the first 2 activities. 

  1. Goblinology: The Ultimate Guide to Goblins contents page.  You will need to look through the booklet and add page numbers to each section.  This task is on page 2.
  2. Introduction: You will need to fill in the blanks to complete the paragraph.  Afterwards, you can rewrite it in your own words, adding to the information.


Maths – please watch the White Rose teaching video on perimeter:

You can then complete the corresponding sheet and afterwards mark it using the attached answer sheet.


Please spend some time practising your times tables using Purple Mash.I have set a ‘to-do’ for you. Your log on details are in the front of your homework book, which you took home at Christmas.If you do not have your log on, please email me at and I can provide them for you.


Art – have a look at the examples of work by Giorgio Morandi.  I would like you to choose one to copy.  Think about how he creates perspective and solid shapes.  Look at his use of colour, which is very limited.