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Home Learning Term 2 Week 5

Chestnut Class home learning for term 2 week 5

Chestnut Class Home Learning

Term 2 week 5

Set:  Thursday 3rdDecember

Due: Monday 7thDecember


Spelling and grammar

This week, you have an extension activity linked to fronted adverbials.  For the past week weeks we have been learning about adverbials – they give us more information about HOW, WHERE, WHEN or HOW often something happens. When adverbials are moved to the front of a sentence, they are followed by a comma.

This week we have been focusing on descriptive adverbials – those that tell us HOW something happens. 

This sheet is in your homework book, but a set of sheets are also attached to this blog post.



To reinforce the subtraction work we have done in class, you have an activity set on Purple Mash. This is on subtracting 4 digit numbers.