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Term 2 Week 2

Chestnut Class learning this week

We have now completed our story maps for Journey and have broken the narrative down into 6 key sections.  We used these section headings to retell the story within this structure.  This week we will be generating ideas for our main characters and themes for our own stories.  We will then use our section headings to structure our planning.  We will also be using some images from Aaron Becker’s book to develop our descriptive skills.


We will continue our whole class guided reading text The Magic Finger.  We made a really strong start to this and it was wonderful to hear the children read aloud with confidence and expression.  We will be finding out more about the effect of the magic finger this week!


In our spelling sessions we will continue last week’s theme of prefixes.  This week we will be using il-, im-, in-, and ir- to change the meaning  of root words.  We will also be thinking about when it is best to use a pronoun and when it is best to use a noun.


Maths will see us move on to subtraction.  Initially we will be refreshing 3 digit subtractions with no exchange, but we will move on to 4 digits  with at least one exchange.  We will work on our times table fluency using mixed matrix and some online games.


In RE we will continue our discussion ‘what is the Trinity?’ and begin to think about the accounts of the Gospel and the differences between them.


Last week in PE we took part in a virtual cross country competition and discussed setting ourselves personal challenges.  This week we will continue a virtual competition and see how we have progressed with our new goals!