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Albert's amazing Journey writing

We have been writing letters from the main character in the book Journey.  We have written in the first person to our family, explaining why we used the magic pen to escape from our feelings at home.  Albert managed to create a very vivid picture of part of the girl's journey.

I found this magical pen, drew a door and opened it.  I walked through to the other side.   I walked into a beautiful and mysterious forest with lights and wondrous lanterns.  There was a glittering river flowing silently through this mysterious forest, leading out of it.  I followed it and came to a pontoon and I drew a boat.  I got in and sailed northwards.  I sailed for a few hours and came to the most incredible thing ever – this huge castle with gold pillars and iron walls.    An ancient civilisation, cast into a magical world by an unknown entity, that could only be opened by the mysterious and magical pen.   The castle was surrounded by murky and marshy water.  The gates opened and I went in and along a long and dirty tunnel under the city.  Suddenly, I came into a surge of light and I was in the city.