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Friday 29th January

Remote learning for 29/01/21

Welcome to Fridays remote learning.

Reading - SPAG

Today we are joining the Oak Academy again to learn about compound sentences.


How would you like to present your instructions? You may wish to type them up and illustrate by hand once printed out. You may wish to make an instructions booklet or poster. Remember diagrams are not just for decorative purposes, they are there to help the readers understanding. Please send us a photo or copy of your finished instructions.



Lets warm our brains up with a game

As always there are 2 options. Option 2 is slightly easier. Please chose 1 that is most appropriate. 

Option 1 and work on the worksheet '8 times table'

Option 2 and work on the worksheet 'divide by 10' 


Wider curriculum

Todays wider curriculum is science.


We've looked at rock, how they are formed and their properties. Now we are going to start looking at fossils; what they are and how they are formed.

Look at the first part of the powerpoint and talk to a grown up about the questions.

Next read the rest of the powerpoint about how fossils are formed. You might want a grown up to read it for you (that is fine, this is a science lesson, not a reading lesson, if you find it easier for a grown up to read to you that's fine).

Draw and label (using notes) a timeline to explain the steps of how a fossil is formed. Remember a timeline starts with the first step and each step follows in sequence. Please keep these time lines safe, we will be using them next week.