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Monday 25th January

Today we would like you to complete ...

Reading - Please continue to read for 30 minutes a day. If you are struggling to find enough books please look at the blog post about Oxford Owl and use to login detail to access their eBooks.

We would also like you to watch the following video about exploring conjunctions.

English - Today we would like you to imagine your own scenarios for washing a woolly mammoth. Think about the different steps that might be needed, including problems that would need to be overcome (such as how to get the mammoth into the bath) and possible solutions. Does it matter whether the steps are taken in chronological order or not?

Today is drama based, if you have others in your house you could work with that would be great if not maybe get some cuddly toys or action figures.

Can you role-play a story about how you coax a woolly mammoth into a bath tub (or something similar), getting him to stay in and making sure he is properly cleaned all over. Maybe you could use ideas from your ‘Woolly Mammoth cleaning kits’ from last week. We would love to see videos of you doing this. 


Maths - Number Fluency – Chose the 4 times table on the space game on and use the code CA0316 to access it

As always there are 2 options for Maths, please choose the option that is the best for you.

Option 1 - Dividing by 4 - Watch the video and complete the worksheet. The answers are attached for you.

Option 2 - Sharing and grouping – There is no worksheet today, please complete the activity in the video.


Wider curriculum - Topic – Please see the attached document on Prehistoric housing.


Tomorrow in English we will be taking part in a workshop focusing on Holocaust Memorial Day. If you would like to check out the resources and information we will be sharing in advance please follow this link:

School Radio - Assemblies KS2 - Holocaust Memorial Day (

If you feel that this session is not suitable for your child, please note that this session is not compulsory.

Please email us your completed work or to ask any questions, we are here to help.