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Monday 18th January

Today's learning ...

Reading - Please read for 30 minutes and if you can, send us a photo of you doing this, maybe you could get creative with where you are reading. 

Please look at the following video - to explore word classes.


English - Listen to the story of 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson & Kate Hindley by Clicking this link


or look at the PowerPoint attached below. Focus on pages 1-2, Why is the task of washing a Woolly Mammoth so difficult, according to the text? Today we would like you to find out some facts about Woolly Mammoths to add to the list of reasons that washing one may be a big challenge. Have a look at the webpage to help you.

When making your list remember your punctuation – bullet points, consistent capital/ lower case letters.


Maths - Please only choose 1 of the options. 

Option 1 - Divide by 10

Option 2 - 10 times table

The worksheets and answers for each option have been added to the documents at the bottom. 


Wider Curriculum - Today is topic please can you look at the attached document about Settlements in Prehistoric times. 

I will be checking the class email all day so any problems please contact me.