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Our 'New Age' poems

Todays English learning was the culmination of 2 weeks hard work from reading to planning and finally writing our poems based on Michael Rosen's poem 'I was born in the Stone Age' and we received some incredible examples.

I've linked below the wonderful poems we have got so far. What hard work has gone in to these. We are so proud of you all. This one from Todd I thought was particularly interesting and really made me think.  

I was born in the bird age.

Our homes are old trees that have fallen down.

We slept on bird feather beds,

they tickled out toes!


In the bird age we had bird electricity which came from the bird nest power station.

We watched the egg when we were tired whilst eating egg fried rice, in the bird age.


We liked to make tools and toys,

we used to make them ourselves

we would find the bones from old bird legs, we used them to play fighting!

At school, in the bird age, we use twigs to write

and we used to write on old twigs tied together.


In the bird age we had enemies. . .

we had to hide from giant eagles,

their beaks were huge and hooked.

Hmmmm. . . 

Is the next age the metal age?

I was born in the bird age.

Tweet tweet.

Todd Webb

I also had the opportunity to hear Juno perform her wonderful poem about the 'Vegetable Age' complete with a game of 'fruitball' with a tomato. 

You guys have such imaginations!