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Friday 15th January

Remote learning for 15th January


Welcome to the end of week 2 of learning from home! You have all done so well so far. It looks like we will be doing this for a little while longer but it seems to be working pretty well so far. We will be changing things a teeny bit from next week by providing more video presentations for you to work from which should help with more independent learning. 


Please read your own book for 20mins. In addition you can read the sheet Boy Hunted and answer the questions attached.

You can also listen to the rest of chapter 2 Stig of ther Dump read by Mrs Atkinson here


Today we will be finishing our poems. Have a good read through your work so far and see if you need to make any changes. If you have emailed work in and I have given you some feedback suggestions please try and include these too. If you finish and would like an optional extension you could illustrate your poem. 

Please do email the finished ones in if you can, we would love to display them as a big poetry blog post.


Lets warm our brains up with a game. Have ago at Hit the Button, multiplication and division facts here

As always there are 2 options, please chose the one most suited to your child.

Option 1

And complete the worksheet 'divide by 5'

Option 2

and complete the worksheet '5 times table'.


This weeks additional curriculum area is science. 

Test and record rocks. Have a look at the power point attached (grouping rocks) We have looked at the different types of rocks. Now we are going to look at their properties. Rocks can be classified by 4 different properties; hard or soft, permeable or impermeable, durability and density.  

If you have managed to collect some rocks in the past week now is the time to find them. You will also need some water in a small bowl or tub. Look at the chart attached below (properties of rocks) and test each of your rocks by putting water on it and seeing if the water runs off or goes into the rock. Rub the rock with your finger, does any parts rub off? If it does it is not durable. Finally pop your rock in the water, does it float or sink? Fill in the chart.

If you have not managed to collect any rocks that's fine! Have a look at the photos I've attached. Look carefully and talk to an adult about what you see. Do you think each one is ignioues, metamorphic or sedimentary? Do you think they are durable, permiable, hard or dense? Why. Record your thoughts.