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Friday 8th January

Remote learning for Friday 8th Jan

Hi guys. Its been brilliant seeing all your work this week, well done everyone! I loved Megan's artwork about what she thought the Stone Age home would look like. 


Today we will look at the pages attached below (Fri 8th Hunting and Gathering). Have a good look at them. We are learning a skill called summarising and it involves being able to communicate what is happening in a text to another person effectively. It is a really important skill for reading. Look very carefully at the pictures and using your own words, in 2-3 sentences per page, describe exactly what is happening. Think about what the important, key parts or the picture are. 

In addition please chose a book of your own to read for 20mins. 


Re-read poem or watch the link (I will attach these below). Look at the verse about school. What else do you do at school? What could you add to this verse? Maybe think about playtime, lunchtime, other lessons. How would we learn maths or science or art if we were in this poem? Have a go at writing an extra verse that follows on from the school one. It doesn’t have to rhyme but remember to use the same structure and start a new line for each line, repeat the word rock etc.


Start by playing the multiplication game on Twinkl Go: using the pin: CA0316

As always there are 2 options. Please chose the one most appropriate. 

Option 1. 

Watch this video: 

And complete the worksheet '2 times table'. Remember the questions get trickier as the page goes on. Many of you will know your 2 times table already which is great but it is always good to practice applying it in lots of different ways. 

Option 2

Watch this video:

And complete the worksheet multiplication sentences. 


Todays wider curriculum learning is science. This term, in line with out topic about the stone age, we will be learning all about rocks, soil and fossils. The first thing we need to do is get to grips with what is a rock and what is man made (something not found in nature). See if you can gather some objects from your home (or our classroom/playground if you are in school) and sort them in to 2 groups. 'Rocks' and 'Man made'. Once you have done this have a look at the attached powerpoint slide show. This will tell you all about different types of rocks (you might recognise some from your topic on volcanoes) I wonder if you can look closely at the rock objects you have gathered or found, put your detective scientist lab coat on (imaginary as always) and work out which type of rock each object is made from. Think about the investigations we have done and try to record your findings in a scientific way. This might be using a labelled diagram or maybe a table or chart with the types of rocks as the column headings. I'd love to see examples of what you have found. 

And now please have a restful weekend. This week has been tiring for everyone; parents, teachers and mostly you guys. We have missed you but we are so proud of you, give yourselves a big pat on the back and give your adults at home a big hug for helping you. We will be doing this for a while and I know for many of you it is not how you would like school to be, its not for us either. But remember, we can find joy in many places if we look hard enough. Try and do one thing this weekend that will make you happy (I will give you a chance on Thursday story time to share these if you would like to)