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Wednesday 6th January

Remote learning for Weds 6th Jan 

Welcome to Wednesday's remote learning. As always, if there is something you don't understand please email us on

Reading - Stone Age Boy

Please watch the video of the book being read. It will help the reading learning this week.

Take a look at the page linked below (Weds 6th questions).

Take a look at the page below. One of the wonderful things about this book is how the author uses pictures to show some of the story without words. It leaves it up to you to infer what is happening.

Look at the page below.

The sequence of pictures shows the meeting between the boy and the girl.

We know they can't talk to each other.

What question might the girl be thinking in each picture?

Challenge: How might the boy answer the questions if he knew what they were?

In addition please aim to read for 20mins per day. Any book you enjoy. 


Please use the link to work on understanding apostrophes


There are 2 options for maths. Please chose the option that you feel is relevant for your child. If you would like us help please email. 

Please start with number fluency by playing the following game. Practice you multiplication and division facts.

Option 1:Then watch the White Rose video (these are the same ones from class so you will recognise the lady)

And then complete the 'multiplication symbol' worksheet attached. The questions become progressively harder so remember if you can only do half that's fine!

Option 2 

Watch this video

And complete the 'make equal groups' worksheet about recognising equal groups

Please only do ONE of these maths activities. 

Additional curriculum area today is computing. Log on to purplemash and there are some typing tasks that have been set. 


We love to see your work so please feel free to take photos/scan in work to email to us. We miss you all and cant wait to see you. We will be setting up a google meet session, one with Mrs Atkinson and one with me, soon.