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Week 4 - we got through assessments!

Welcome to week 4

(yes it looks like we skipped a week but we didn't I promise, we have moved from telling you what happened last week to what is happening this week)

Last week the children completed assessments in reading, writing, spelling and maths. They all did so well, we appreciate it wasn't the most fun start to term for them but they were brilliant and now Mrs Atkinson and I have a really solid idea of where all the children are in their learning.


This week the children will be reading, performing and writing their own poetry. The poem they will be focusing on is The Magic Box by Kit Wright. A link for it is here They will also be creating their own magic box with Mrs Smallcombe which will become the basket for their hot air balloons.

In maths we are focusing on different ways of representing 3 digit numbers using different manipulatives. We will also be breaking 3 digit numbers into its 100's 10' and 1's. For example 123 is 100+20+3 and then placing them on a numberline to 1000. 

Home Learning.

Please can children read for 15mins 5 times this week. Reading records and reading books need to be in school daily, we will endeavour to change reading books as soon as they are finished.

You will be receiving homework books on Thursday with some spellings in to practice. This book also as the login details for all the online learning resources in the front of it. 


In addition to spellings please log on to Timetables Rockstars and practice the 2,5 and 10 times tables. I have only made these ones available for now as I would like all children to be secure in these sets before moving on. 

Home learning is sent home on a Thursday to be returned on a Monday. Please make sure homework books do come back on Monday as this gives us the set time to quarentine the books before setting more from Thursday.

You may want to make note of the various login details in the front of the homework book as this is where home learning will be provided should your child need to self isolate. 


As always please feel free to email the class email if you have any questions.