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Term 4, Week 5

Learning for week 22nd March 2021


What are we learning this week...

English- we are going to continue with our Shakespeare theme and this week focus on A MidSummer Night's Dream, we will be looking and the characters and how Shakespeare using plays on language this week. 

Maths - We are going to start looking at Fractions this week. We will begin by thinking about whole and parts of areas and objects. 

Topic - We will be looking at Skara Brea and Stonehenge this week and making biscuit models. We will also finish our stone age axes. 

Home learning - 

We will be changing reading books on Monday and Thursday this week. 

Please complete the fractions problem in your home learning books, I have attached a copy below as well. There is also a Powerpoint if you need some extra help. 

Online - Please login to Sir Linkalot

Our Login is: St Barnabas Kent


Go to the folder that has the spellings that were in your Home Learning books last week. 

Group 1 - Pie Plath

Group 2 - Patient Potter

Have a look at the first 10 words, these will give you helpful techniques on how to learn the spellings. There will be a quiz on 29th March. 


Any problems or questions please send us an email on -