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Monday 22nd February

Monday's Remote Learning

Live Registration @ 9am

Remember to tune in to take part in our live registration. Mrs A will be there to welcome you, take the register and talk you through today’s learning. If you have any questions or do not understand something about today’s learning, please ask. This is a great opportunity for us to share ideas and ask questions.   

Maths - 9:10 live lesson 

We are going to start our new topic today. We will be looking at counting and recognising money.

First, join the live lesson then have a go at the activity sheet attached. If you need more help, you can also watch the video below.

Number fluency –

Play the attached Snakes and Ladders game.

Reading -

Please remember to read for 30minutes a day. If you need something to read have a look at the ‘fossils’ reading comprehension that is attached and answer the questions on the sheet. 

English - 

This term we are going to be looking at non chronological reports based on our learning of the Stone age. Have a look at this lesson to get us started on the features we will be using in our own writing.

Wider Curriculum - 

Topic – What did Iron Age people eat?

When archaeologists excavate an Iron Age farm, village or hill fort, they commonly find evidence of the food eaten. Pots, found as broken pieces, were used to cook, store and hold or food. The bones of animals that were eaten as food and parts of edible plants are also found. Other finds include tools used in preparing foods, such as grinding stones for making flour. Oven parts have also been found. These were used to bake bread. Cereals such as wheat and barley were probably the main source of food and were turned into bread, porridge and beer. Beans and wild plants would also have been eaten. They also ate meat from sheep, cattle, pigs, horses and even dogs. Iron Age people were eating domesticated animals and growing, harvesting and milling wheat and barley. People in large parts of Britain ate stews, porridge and soups cooked in open pots, accompanied by bread. Eating was probably communal. Today can you create an Iron Age meal!

Attached is a list of different recipes that would have been used in the Iron Age, choose one to make. Please send us your photos and tell us how they taste.